Services: Editing & Feedback

I am a writer who edits and an editor who writes. I understand both sides of the process, the creative and the technical, and I have edited for friends, students, relatives, random internet users and, of course, myself. I’ve worked on pieces such as:

  • poetry – any length
  • flash fiction – usually less than 1,000 words
  • short stories – up to about 6,000 words
  • long stories & novellas – between 6,000 and 60,000 words
  • articles & reviews – any length
  • academic reports & essays – any length
  • resumes & CVs – usually 1-4 pages
  • newsletters & pamphlets

My experience and qualifications in writing and editing can be found on the About page. Samples of my creative and academic writing, all edited to tertiary level, can be found on the Collected Works page.

Below is a break down of the kind of editing I do and how the process works. Every writer has different needs from an editor so before I read the work I will ascertain what level of feedback or editing is required for the piece, we will agree on the terms and the price, and continue from there. I can be hired to undertake one, two, or all three of these stages, depending on the writer’s requirements and budget. I charge $0.02 per word, and if the piece is shorter than 1,000 words it’s a flat rate of $25. Questions are encouraged and welcome; I can be contacted by email at jemimah [at] or you can message me on Facebook.

Levels of editing

Structural editing: Feedback and beta-reading

After an initial discussion of the writer’s needs regarding the piece, I read the work and provide a report on the effectiveness of plot, characterisation, pacing, continuity, structure, language – the large-scale building blocks of the piece.

Copy editing

This stage in the editing process tackles the grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word-choice of the piece. No large-scale issues will be discussed, such as characterisation, plot etc.

Proof reading

This is the final stage in the process, a last read-through to catch anything that may have been missed in the earlier stages.


Tamara Lazaroff – fiction writer

Tabi Card – multi-genre writer, self-published author of YA novella Five Minutes, and currently working on a YA dystopian trilogy:

“Ms. Halbert is as kind as she is talented, both correcting and teaching at the same time with her feedback. A diverse editor that I highly recommend.”

Tabi can be found at:

Rachel D. – philosopher, poet, and student of English Literature at University of New England:

“Jemimah has a depth of knowledge of style and an ability to apply that knowledge deftly to any writing.”

Rachel M. – student of student paramedic, taxidermist, small business owner:

Jessica W. – student, writer, editor:

“Jemimah provides prompt and concise feedback that is objective, her feedback and edits have been taken on board and has elevated my work immensely.”

Jessica G. – freelance writer,  social media manager, data analyst for the West Australian

“I frequently employ Jemimah’s skills when I write and publish reviews, interviews, and articles. Her feedback and professionalism, as well as her eye for matching the tone to the publication, give me confidence that my piece is ready for public eyes. I would highly recommend her services to anyone wishing to publish in the open space.”

Kate L. G. – student, volunteer, write, editor, avid reader

“I approached Jemimah because I needed help writing my resume. She helped me by initially editing the work I had previously done before suggesting additional inclusions. I appreciatedher honesty in the flaws of my resume, thus ensuring it was well written. Shewas quick and detailed with her editing and open to discussing in detail questions I had about improving my work. I’d recommend Jemimah to anyone who needs assistance with existing work, whether it be to grammatically edit or for creative input.”

Ashlee – student of border security

“Last year was my final year in my third degree and my 7th year of studying, so as anyone can imagine my last assignment was a bit of a blur and I remember rewriting, rereading it and editing as many times as my body would allow me. This time however I didn’t feel I had the wording or the editing as my motivation had finally drained completely. I decided to put my feelers out for an editor and Jemimah was very much lovely to oblige. She did amazing work on my essay – picking up those pesky spelling mistakes and even editing my wording to allow the sentences to flow much smoother and sound very educational. I was very lucky to have Jemimah as I knew I would have received a low mark for that essay just because of editing. Thankfully I walked away with an amazing mark and a new degree.”



Although I am professionally trained as a writer and as an editor, I am also human and occasionally I may miss things. I make every effort to ensure that I notice and correct all mistakes and inconsistencies, but it is possible I may miss something, and I cannot guarantee that your work will be 100% mistake-free even after several levels of editing. I also cannot guarantee that by hiring me to edit your work you will achieve publication in any open competition, award or call for publication, or that you will achieve a particular mark or grade; that is to the judgment of teachers, professors, publishers, panels of judges, etc. and no refund or apology will be given for work that does not meet the standards of another organisation, committee, teaching body or corporation. Thank you for your cooperation.