On the record

On the Record…

A working list of works, achievements and milestones from recent years


  • I became the editor-in-chief of Underground Literary ‘zine, a publication that I have worked for as a volunteer editor since 2011. I love putting this thing together every few months: drumming up submissions, organising the editors, designing the layout, then jettisoning it out into the world
  • I moved to Melbourne, Victoria. Full disclosure: it’s awesome here
  • I completed the final unit of a Graduate Certificate in Children’s Literature: Writing Poetry. I forget how much I enjoy poetry: reading, writing and deconstructing it is so satisfying
  • I had a book review featured on the Australian Women Writers Challenge website, found here. The review can also be found on my own Reviews page, under A Waltz for Matilda, by Jackie French


  • I worked as a volunteer for Katharine Susannah Prichard Writer’s Centre. This included assisting in the editing of Blackboy Hill is Calling, a local history book with writing and photographs from many different contributors, including work from children at the local primary school. Information about this book can be found here
  • I undertook work experience at University of Western Australia Publishing, where I wrote the book club notes for Padma Viswanathan’s The Ever After of Ashwin Rao. A pdf of the notes can be downloaded here


  • I began studying a Graduate Certificate in Children’s Literature, which included the following classes: Arthurian Myths & Legends, Fantasy Literature for Children, and Graphic Novels, the reading list for which is below:
    • Hergé. (1959) Tintin in Tibet.
    • Miyazaki, Hayao. (2004) Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Vol. 1. 
    • Moore, Alan. (1988) V for Vendetta. 
    • Simmonds, Posy. (2009) Tamara Drewe. 
    • Spiegelman, Art. (1986) Maus: a survivor’s tale.


  • In early 2012 I published a short story on Smashwords.com – you can access it for FREE here: A History of Tea
  • I started working as a volunteer collaborative editor for Underground Creative Writing ‘zine
  • I studied English Literature at Cambridge University, completing the classes Adapting Austen, Power and Wonder in The Tempest, Shakespeare and Love, and Versions of the Tragic. I wrote two essays for this course, one for Adapting Austen, and one for Power and Wonder in The Tempest
  • I began volunteering at the State Library of Western Australia. Events I assisted with include: The AWESOME Festival for Bright Young Things 2013 & 2014, the Better Beginnings Carnival, NAIDOC week, Family History week, Picture-A-Story exhibition, Perth Writer’s Festival, book launches, author talks and discard book sales (very good for the bookshelf, not so good for broke-student-bank-account). I also worked as a tour guide at the library and in the library book shop. This is not an exhaustive list, but every one of the volunteer roles I undertook was exciting, entertaining and enlightening, and I learnt so much at the SLWA


  • In this year at ECU I studied English Grammar for Professionals, Foundations of Public Relations, Introduction to Drawing, and Introduction to Editing (where I discovered my passion for nit-picking/giving constructive feedback), Presentation Systems, PR Event Management, and PR Techniques


  • I studied Language and Writing, Discovering Literature, Myths and Legends from around the world, Writing Short Films, Production, Editing and Design, and Community Writing (in which I was a collaborative editor for the Writing on the WAll class anthology. My piece can be found here)


  • I moved to the city. Awful, debilitating experience, but now I live in Melbourne and work at the post office, so I guess it all worked out
  • I began studying a Bachelor of Arts at Edith Cowan University. The first classes I took at a university level included Study Skills, and Creativity and Writing