Review: Mad About the Boy by Helen Fielding

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Mad About the Boy (2013) by Helen Fielding

Bridget Jones is back in this hilarious decades-later sequel to Edge of Reason. I read the first two Bridget Jones books when I was in my early teens and absolutely loved them, particularly for the brand of self-deprecating diary humour that Bridget Jones is famous for.
In Mad About the Boy we take up Bridget’s diary-chronicled life fifteen-ish years down the track; she and Mark Darcy have married and she is juggling work, two small children and general Jones-esque neuroses and chaos, but now in her early fifties. This modern chronicle of Jones’ life tackles more serious life issues like taking care of children, aging parents, aging self, and even death, but it all works perfectly because the reader laughs as much they did with the original diaries, following Jones’ struggles with Twitter, fashion trends, needing glasses to read her phone and various technological devices that are just beyond her. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoyed the first two books, and indeed anyone who has never enjoyed any of them!

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