30 stories, 30 days

Day 28, story twenty-eight: The Adventures of Hayley

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Day 28

The Adventures of Hayley

It has been twelve days since my last adventure and I’m getting impatient. I’ve been repainting the inside of my house and it looks good, but I’m getting tired of it; I need a change of scenery. Usually I just stay up very late, drink lots of coffee and stand on my head to get an adventure started, but after my last adventure the doctor said I shouldn’t do those things, so now I just stay up very late and hope that the adventure will start because I wish very hard.

On my last adventure I went to a cloud land where I could walk on the water vapour, talk to the different kinds of clouds, touch the birds that fly through the sky, and best of all I could lie on a cloud and look through it to the earth below. At first all I could see was the ocean, but then we came close to land and I could see my city, then my house. The old house was at the front and my house was at the back, sailing through the green grass, the deck wet and slippery like it gets after rain. The windows along the sides of my house need cleaning, and the mermaid attached to the front could do with a polish. I left some things up in the crow’s nest and I could see them blowing about. I tried to make a list to remember everything I needed to do when I got home, but I lost it in the clouds. Gill will help me with all the jobs I have to do.


The adventure came! I had started the second coat of paint on the inside of my house when there was a whoosh and a fairy appeared. She told me that we were going to go night-crawling, which is when we are invisible and we can fly: through crowds of people, over buildings, up to roofs and towers. The fairy led me out into the night to a group of other fairies. They all looked light and buzzy like the first one, except for two of them, who were older and bigger and more solid-looking. Their names were Eloise and Sam and they looked a little familiar, but I meet lots of different people on my adventures. We spent the whole night flying around the city, over crowds of people at night clubs and parties, leaping across buildings and rooftops, looping around bridges and skimming the river. It was amazing fun! Except for Eloise and Sam; they held us back a bit. They weren’t really a part of the fairy group; they said they just wanted to talk to me. They asked me if I like my ship-house, if I’m happy, if I want to get a job or get married. I suppose they might be special boring fairies, like fairy godparents. But I met my real fairy godparents on a different adventure, so these two must be like an echo of them or something. I didn’t mind; I had a good time on this adventure.

Gill is coming over this morning. I always tell Gill about my adventures because he loves to hear about them. He said that he used to have adventures a long time ago and he hopes to have them again someday. I told him he should drink lots of coffee and stay up late and stand on his head. He laughed when I told him that, and said that that wasn’t where the adventures come from. I don’t care; I love my adventures. I wouldn’t give them up for anything.

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