30 stories, 30 days

Day 25, story twenty-five: The Present

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Day 25

The Present

‘This is for you my sweet.’ He said, his tight smile flashing briefly. She took the box, suspicious.

A box is only a present if there is something inside it, she thought, curiosity slowly waking. She tapped it once, twice, three times. There was no sound but the music playing in the background, and she threw the box to the floor. It landed with a strange clatter and one side burst open. Nothing emerged but a collection of odd sounds: squeaks, groans, screams, cruel laughter. The sounds filled the room, then flew out of the windows and doors.

‘What was that?’ She shouted, alarmed. ‘What kind of present do you call that?’

‘That, my dear Pandora, was your present. I was forbidden to open it, and now you have loosed what was inside on the world. You are going to be remembered forever. You’re welcome.’ He smiled his tight smile again and disappeared in a cloud of ash, leaving his betrayal to rip the world, and Pandora, apart.

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